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About the Tutor Team company

We are a highly qualified company for managing business risks and finding the most suitable guarantees for their insurance. We are engaged in optimizing the cost of financing the company’s risks, which can be insured. With our professional competence, we achieve the optimal security of your company.

Our mission

We are a family company with several employees, especially young people, who bring fresh ideas and new skills. We work in the spirit of team collaboration and we have a great motivation to achieve the goals of the company.

Our intention is to help partners, advise them and work for them. We are independent of insurance companies and are responsible solely to our partner.

We continue to help and strive to accept new companies under our auspices.

In our long-term career, we have worked with many companies dealing with various industries, with medium- and large-sized companies, with groups and with companies that have subsidiaries abroad.

At every company or group, we have ensured benefit, namely, we have ensured a higher level of company safety and lower costs in insurance area, and have been able to help with losses and less work in the inference of the company.

We can deal with the most demanding international projects. Quality projects are challenging and motivating to us.

Company vision

We maintain high professional qualifications with even more employees and we are respected insurance advisers in the markets of the former Yugoslavia. We work with international and domestic brokers in order to provide better quality insurance for our partners.

Our Values

Care for Partners and Employees
With the principle of honesty and kindness, we care for business partners and society. Partners are safe and secure under our auspices. Employees are motivated and satisfied.

Quick response
We are extremely responsive and always available when you need expert advice and help.

Regulated working environment
We are taking care of our nature by separating waste, orderly working environment and being responsible for protecting the environment.

Preservation of workplaces
By preserving workplaces, creating new ones, and strengthening competitiveness, we take care of the economy.

Helping those in need
Each year, we devote part of the financial resources to helping those in need.


The insurance brokerage company Tutor Team d.o.o. is licensed by the Insurance Supervision Agency (AZN) for the provision of insurance brokerage services No. 30220-2061/02-22, dated to 6 March 2002.

We declare that:

1 | Tutor Team zavarovalno posredovanje d.o.o. or the insurance brokers employed therein, do not have a direct or indirect holding representing more than 10% of the voting rights or a share in the capital of the insurance undertaking;

2 | no insurance company or a subsidiary holds a direct or indirect holding, representing more than 10% of the voting rights or equity interest in Tutor Team zavarovalno posredovanje d.o.o.

Pursuant to Article 553 of the Insurance Act (ZZavar-1), we report that Tutor Team zavarovalno posredovanje d.o.o. or any of the insurance brokers employed in it, has no legal or economic connection with any of the insurers that may affect impartiality of the insurance broker in fulfilling any obligations to the policyholder.

Settlement of disputes

Internal complaint resolution process

We wish that any complaints are resolved in mutual satisfaction. In accordance with Article 579 of the ZZavar-1, we follow an internal procedure for resolving complaints.

Out-of-court settlement of disputes

If you do not agree with the decision adopted in the internal complaint procedure, you can, under certain conditions, submit your complaint to further resolution to the Center for Out-of-Court Dispute Resolution between insurance brokerage providers and consumers at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia – PTZ, Association of Insurance Brokers of Slovenia, Dimičeva 13, 1000 Ljubljana.



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