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Professional Partner in business Insurance Also Abroad

“It always seems impossible until it is done.”

Nelson Mandela

we offer insurance solutions for businesses:

  • individual treatment | insurance tailored to company’s wishes;
  • additional premium savings | proven and creative methods;
  • education and assistance in dealing with claims;
  • saving time at preparing the necessary data;
  • acquisition of guarantees that are “not yet” on the market.

Challenges are our passion.

We are business risks management specialists

We divided the companies into the four most common groups
according to the nature of our work.

We help and advise all types of companies. 

An experienced partner in business risk insurance

Tutor Team has years of experience, quick responsiveness and satisfied customers.

4 steps to optimal security of the company

Check how we work.

Introductory meeting
  1. We get acquainted with wishes and challenges.
  2. Discussion of where we can help improve the company’s insurance area.
Agreement on the type of cooperation
  1. Creating an analysis of already concluded insurance that answers two questions:
    • Are strategically important risks adequately insured?
    • Is the premium and guarantee ratio appropriate?
  2. Defining the objectives of cooperation on the basis of the analysis.
Choosing creative insurance solutions
  1. Viewing locations and obtain data for further work (property review)
  2. Valuation of tangible assets
  3. Identifying and measuring risks
  4. Historical risk analysis
  5. Negotiations and coordination with insurance companies
  6. Presentation of offers to the company’s management
  7. Preparation of tender documentation (elaborate)
  8. A thorough expert analysis of insurance offers
  9. Contract, control of insurance contracts and annual accounts
Permanently protecting your interests
  1. Tracking change and organisational development and cost-effectiveness
  2. Advice on damages
  3. Modifying insured changes throughout the year
  4. Advice and regulation in case of new risks
  5. Assistance in regulating provisions for the assurance of security conditions of suppliers
  6. Preparing and obtaining appropriate insurances required by clients

Company in figures

% of average savings
beginning of the insurance path
years of insurance brokerage experience
insurance brokers licensed by AZN

What do our clients say about us?

At the beginning of cooperation with the Tutor team, we arranged the field of all insurance types in Apples. Now we have quality insurance, which is in line with our specifics, and in the past years, we have significantly reduced insurance premiums. The relationship is real, the responsiveness is immediate, the proposals for changes or novelties are good, so we decide together for introducing the news.

Brane Bertoncelj,
Head of the Financial Accounting Area

In M SORA we decided for cooperation with the Tutor Team because they convinced us with their professionalism, patience and perseverance. They carefully listened to our desires and needs. Together we analyzed the various options in detail and decided on the best variant. In order to conclude a quality insurance, a detailed knowledge of the topic and cooperation with the client is necessary. At the time of the negotiations, as well as in further cooperation, the Tutor team tried hard to present and find the best opportunities according to our wishes.

Aleš Dolenc,
General Manager

In cooperation with the Tutor Team, we gained an overview of insurance. They have a professional attitude and expertise. They are always friendly, accessible at any time and quickly responsive, whether it is about a new contract with a supplier, a client, or, for example, a loss event. In addition to the quality of insurance, we also value premium savings. We can really rely on them.

Magdalena Šurina,
Director of the financial and accounting sector

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