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The creation of tender documentation for a public procurement is taking a vast amount of the company’s time.

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Biggest risks:

The insurance sector in the field of public procurement is complex:

  • How to prepare an appropriate tender documentation for a public procurement?
  • How to lead a selection process of an insurer?
  • How to set up an optimal insurance programme with limited resources?
  • How to proceed in case of damage?

Challenges on the field of insurance:

  • inadequately secured strategic threats;
  • late payment of insurance fee;
  • unexpectedly low payment of insurance fee;
  • too expensive and inefficient insurance;
  • improper treatment in case of damage.

How we take care of the security of the company?

We advise the company on the quality preparation of relevant documentation for a public tender.

The company or business group gets a tailor-made insurance program.

The company gets quality guarantees and appropriate insurance premiums.

We are helping in case of damage.

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