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The companies are worried about someone breaking into the shop or storehouse.
They are wondering how to deal with the problems with suppliers?

Contact us and we will advise you on the most optimal solutions.

Biggest risks:

  • burglary theft and robbery;
  • fires or natural disasters that destroy stocks and other property;
  • sales product causes damage to the buyer or to anyone else;
  • defective product is a threat to the clients and needs to be recalled from the market or completely replaced;
  • key suppliers do not supply raw materials in time.

Challenges on the field of insurance:

  • inadequately secured strategic threats;
  • late payment of insurance fee;
  • unexpectedly low payment of insurance fee;
  • too expensive and inefficient insurance;
  • too expensive and inefficient insurance;
  • improper treatment in case of damage.

How we take care of the security of the company?

We advise the company on the conclusion of quality insurance for burglary, destruction of stocks and recall of products.

We are helping to solve problems with the suppliers.

The company or business group gets a tailor-made insurance program, including the companies with international business.

We are helping in case of damage.

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