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Tailor-made insurance program for companies and business groups

Analysis of the situation

First, we make a survey of the situation of the insurance area in the company, thus identifying which are possible changes to existing insurance guarantees, modernization and optimization of insurance and possible savings in your company.

Classic mediation

The scope of our obligations is in accordance with the Insurance Act (ZZavar-1) – Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 93/2015 :

  • we prepare an appropriate hazard analysis and principles of coverage;
  • we mediate at the conclusion of insurance;
  • we ensure that the insurance documents are in accordance with the agreements between the company and the insurance company;
  • we ensure that the company receives all the insurance documents, including the conditions;
  • during the duration of the insurance contract, we advise the company on the occurrence of damage events (before and after the occurrence of such events), and ensure that all activities relevant to the proper resolution of the damage event are carried out within the specified time limits;
  • during the duration of the insurance contract, we constantly advise in the event of new needs in the company’s area or in the case of new situations in the insurance market, with the aim of optimizing the existing insurance.
Mediation with optimization of costs

This includes:

  • classic mediation and
  • optimization of costs, where technical and commercial negotiations are conducted in the phase of analysing the offered offers from the insurance companies, in order to optimize your insurance costs with the same or better guarantees.
Mediation with optimization of costs and assessment of the adequacy of insurance values

This includes:

  • classic mediation,
  • optimization of costs, and
  • an assessment of the adequacy of insurance values where, based on valuations and/or appropriate mathematical models, we estimate the appropriate insurance values, with the aim of even optimizing your insurance costs.
Creation of an insurance programme for business groups

For all business group, we assess the Group’s risks and create an optimal common insurance programme. You can also choose:

  • classic mediation,
  • mediation with optimization of costs,
  • mediation with optimization of costs and assessment of the adequacy of insurance values.
Consulting in procedures for solving complex claims

We advise and help with complex claims, which require focus and a lot of expertise, where it may be necessary to involve other professionals.

Conducting a procedure for dealing with claims

We take over the whole process of settling claims from reporting to payment.

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